Triptovaranasi, a renowned travel agency, is dedicated to providing a wide range of Spiritual Varanasi Ayodhya tour package that cater to your specific requirements and budget. Our Varanasi Ayodhya tour package stands out for its competitive price and excellent value for money. With over 14 tour packages available, you have the opportunity to explore the enchanting cities of Varanasi and Ayodhya, both of which boast exclusive sightseeing destinations.

Notably, our package includes a visit to the newly constructed Lord Rama Temple in Ayodhya, a significant spiritual landmark, as well as the world-famous Ganga Arti in Varanasi. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of these cities by visiting their main tourist places and temples, all while enjoying a variety of spiritual activities thoughtfully included in our Varanasi Ayodhya tour package.

Varanasi, also known as Benaras or Kashi, holds the esteemed title of being the spiritual capital of India. Nestled gracefully on the banks of the sacred Ganga river in the state of Uttar Pradesh, this ancient city has been a revered travel destination for centuries. Its significance in spirituality and pilgrimage, particularly for Hindus, cannot be overstated.

Varanasi Ayodhya tour package

When embarking on our meticulously crafted Varanasi Ayodhya tour package, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring magnificence of this historical place. Beyond its rich history, Varanasi is a city steeped in profound thinking, philosophical ideologies, unwavering beliefs, and captivating art. Its unique culture is characterized by an unwavering devotion to the gods. Moreover, Varanasi has served as a prominent hub for education, culture, business, and ancient religions, further enhancing its allure and importance.

Ayodhya, a small town located near the bank of the serene Saryu river, is situated approximately 140 kilometers to the east of Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh in India. This ancient town holds immense significance as it is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama, one of the most revered deities in Hindu mythology. In ancient times, Ayodhya was known as Saket, and its rich history is intertwined with numerous legends and stories, prominently featured in the epic book Ramayana.

One of the most prominent events associated with Ayodhya is the grand festival of Diwali, which has its roots in this sacred town. It is said that when Lord Rama triumphantly returned to Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana, the entire city was adorned with radiant clay lamps, illuminating every nook and corner to celebrate his homecoming. This tradition continues to this day, making Ayodhya a beacon of light during the festive season.

Furthermore, Ayodhya holds significance in Jainism as well, as it is believed to be the birthplace of five Jain Tirthankars, including Adinath. This adds another layer of spiritual importance to this already revered town.

In conclusion, Ayodhya, with its historical and religious significance, stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India. Its association with Lord Rama, the grand festival of Diwali, and its connection to Jainism make it a place of immense reverence and devotion for millions of people across the country and beyond.

Our tour package offers a comprehensive itinerary that will take you on a spiritual journey through the sacred city of Ayodhya and the vibrant city of Varanasi. In Ayodhya, you will have the opportunity to visit the newly constructed Ram Temple, also known as Lord Rama Janmabhoomi, where you can immerse yourself in the divine energy. Other notable attractions in Ayodhya include Hanuman Gadhi, Treta Ke Thakur, Kanak Bhawan, Tulsi Sampark Bhawan, Ram Katha Park, and the serene Saryu Ghat.

In Varanasi, you will get to explore the famous Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, witness the mesmerizing Ganga Ghats, discover the historical Ramnagar Fort, experience the spiritual ambiance of Sarnath, and pay your respects at the Tulsi Manas Temple and Bharat Mata Temple. These are just a few of the many popular places that you will get to explore during this unforgettable journey.

The construction of the new Ram Mandir in Ayodhya commenced following a momentous ruling by the Supreme Court in 2019, which paved the way for its establishment. This significant temple is now accessible to the general public, thanks to the inauguration conducted by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on the auspicious date of 22 January 2024. The long-awaited realization of this sacred place of worship has brought immense joy and fulfillment to countless devotees.

India, known for its rich spiritual heritage, is a country that boasts a remarkable religious diversity and a tapestry of captivating legends. In our meticulously curated 2 Nights/3 Days Varanasi Ayodhya tour package, we invite you to embark on a journey that will unravel the spiritual mysteries of Ram Janam Bhoomi, the sacred birthplace of Lord Ram. Ayodhya, a city steeped in mythology and revered by Hindus, holds a special place in the hearts of millions who yearn to experience its divine aura.

During your visit to Ayodhya, you will have the opportunity to explore various significant landmarks, including the awe-inspiring Hanuman Garhi, a colossal four-sided fort that stands as a testament to the city’s historical grandeur. Additionally, you will have the chance to pay homage at the revered Nageshwarnath Temple and witness the birthplace of the four Jain Tirthankars, further immersing yourself in the spiritual essence of this sacred city.

At our esteemed travel agency, we understand the importance of providing a comprehensive and enriching experience for our esteemed guests. That is why we have meticulously crafted an all-inclusive Ayodhya tour package that caters to your every need. From ensuring the finest accommodations with delectable meals to offering seamless transportation for your memorable sightseeing excursions, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your spiritual journey.

Moreover, for those seeking a more immersive spiritual experience, we also offer Varanasi Ayodhya tour package that include visits to the holy cities of Varanasi and Prayagraj. These extensions allow you to delve deeper into the spiritual fabric of India, exploring the sacred ghats of Varanasi and partaking in the divine atmosphere of the Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj.

In conclusion, our Varanasi Ayodhya tour package is meticulously designed to provide you with an unforgettable and spiritually fulfilling experience. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we strive to make your journey to Ayodhya a truly transformative and cherished memory. Book your Ayodhya tour package with us today and embark on a soul-stirring adventure that will leave you with a profound sense of inner peace and contentment.

Ram Mandir is a magnificent Hindu temple that is currently under construction at the sacred site of Ram Janmabhoomi in the historically significant city of Ayodhya, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Ayodhya holds immense religious significance as it is believed to be the birthplace of the revered Hindu deity, Shree Ram.

The construction of this grand temple is being undertaken by the esteemed organization, Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra. It is worth noting that the momentous ground-breaking ceremony for this divine structure was meticulously organized and presided over by none other than the esteemed Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on the auspicious day of August 5, 2020.

How to Reach Varanasi Ayodhya Tour Package

Tourists who are interested in exploring the cultural and historical wonders of Varanasi Ayodhya tour package have the option to book a tour package from their city. They can choose between two modes of transportation to embark on this exciting journey.

By flight: Tourists planning to visit Kashi and Ayodhya can conveniently save time on travel by booking a comprehensive Kashi Ayodhya tour package that includes flights. To reach Varanasi, the city center, tourists can book flights to Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport, which is located just 25 km away. However, if their priority is to visit Ayodhya first, they have the option to book a flight directly to Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram International Airport.

Once in Ayodhya, tourists can easily continue their journey to Varanasi by booking a cab or taking a train. This way, travelers can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience exploring these sacred destinations.

By railway: An Varanasi Ayodhya train package is a convenient option for most tourists as many trains depart from your city to Varanasi ar Ayodhya. This means that travelers can easily access these two popular destinations by booking a Varanasi Ayodhya tour package with train.

Whether you are in a bustling metropolis or a quaint town, you can embark on a unique and unforgettable Varanasi Ayodhya travel experience. So why wait? Book your train package now and explore the wonders of Varanasi Ayodhya tour package.

Varanasi And Ayodhya Popular Tour Places

Explore the spiritual cities of Varanasi and Ayodhya with our customizable tour packages. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and religious significance of these popular tourist destinations. Our tourism packages offer a comprehensive itinerary that includes visits to renowned sightseeing places such as the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, where Lord Ram was believed to be born, and the Saryu Arti, a mesmerizing evening ritual on the banks of the Saryu River.

Experience the serene ambiance of the Ghats, visit the Hanuman Garhi Temple, and marvel at the architectural beauty of Kanak Bhawan. Discover the spiritual essence of Nageshwarenath Temple, Treka ke Thakur, Tulsi Sampark Bhawan, and Ram Katha Park. In Ayodhya, explore the historic Raja Mandir and the sacred Saryu Ghats. In Varanasi, witness the grandeur of the Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, take a boat ride along the enchanting Ganga Ghats, explore the ancient Ramnagar Fort, and delve into the teachings of Lord Buddha at Sarnath.

Pay your respects at the Tulsi Manas Temple and the Bharat Mata Temple, and discover many more popular places that make Varanasi and Ayodhya truly unique destinations.

Popular Varanasi Ayodhya Tour Itinerary

Take a moment to explore the fascinating and enchanting Varanasi Ayodhya tourism Itinerary. Whether you are planning a trip for your parents or seeking a unique and offbeat vacation for yourself, our team is here to assist you in organizing your Varanasi Ayodhya tour package plan. With our expertise and knowledge, we can ensure that your trip is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Let us take care of the details so you can fully immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and spiritual experiences that Varanasi Ayodhya tour package have to offer.

Day 1: Varanasi Arrival – The first day of the Varanasi Ayodhya tour package will commence upon your arrival in Varanasi. Upon reaching the city, our representative will warmly welcome you and assist you in transferring to your hotel. You will be picked up from the airport and smoothly checked into your accommodation. In the evening, prepare yourself for a truly enchanting experience as you witness the Evening Ganga Aarti Ceremony at Dashashwamedh Ghat.

This ceremony allows you to immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of the Ganga Ghats, the riverfront of Varanasi. To enhance your experience, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Ganga Aarti on a boat, providing a unique perspective. After a mesmerizing evening, you will spend the night at your hotel in Varanasi.

Day 2: Varanasi Sightseeing

Early in the morning, as the sun begins to rise, we will embark on a captivating and enchanting boat ride along the sacred Ganges River. This experience is not only a feast for the eyes but also a deeply spiritual and mystical journey. Our boat will take us to explore the renowned Ghats of Varanasi, each with its own unique charm and significance. We will witness the vibrant and bustling atmosphere as devotees and pilgrims gather to perform their daily rituals and seek blessings from the holy river.

After this mesmerizing boat ride, we will return to our hotel to indulge in a delicious and fulfilling breakfast, energizing ourselves for the rest of the day’s adventures. Our next stop will be the revered Kashi Viswanathan Temple, where we will immerse ourselves in the divine atmosphere and offer our prayers. The temple’s intricate architecture and spiritual aura will leave a lasting impression on our hearts.

Continuing our spiritual journey, we will visit other significant temples in Varanasi, including the Annapurna Temple, Vishalakshi Temple, Sankat Mochan (Hanuman Temple), Baba Kalbhairav Temple, Durga Temple, and Bharat Mata Temple. Each of these temples holds its own unique stories and legends, adding to the rich tapestry of Varanasi’s religious heritage.

After a delectable lunch at our hotel, we will embark on an excursion to Sarnath, a place of immense historical and religious importance. It is here that Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon to his disciples at the Deer Park (Rishipattan). As we explore Sarnath, we will be captivated by the serene ambiance and the ancient ruins that stand as a testament to the teachings of Buddha. The Buddha Temples, Dhamekha Stupa, Chaukhandi Stupa, and Sarnath Archaeological Museum (closed on Fridays) are among the attractions that await us in this sacred place.

As the evening approaches, we will have some leisure time to explore the vibrant markets of Varanasi, where we can indulge in some shopping and immerse ourselves in the local culture. The bustling streets, filled with colorful textiles, intricate handicrafts, and aromatic spices, will provide a sensory delight.

To conclude this eventful day, we will gather for a delicious dinner, savoring the flavors of the region, before retiring to our comfortable accommodations for a peaceful overnight stay. Varanasi, with its spiritual aura and cultural richness, promises to leave an indelible mark on our souls, ensuring that this journey will be etched in our memories forever.

Day 3: Ayodhya Darshan – After enjoying a delicious breakfast at your hotel, it’s time to check out and embark on an exciting journey to Ayodhya. The drive to Ayodhya will take approximately 7 hours, covering a distance of around 220 kilometers. Once you arrive, get ready to explore the enchanting attractions this city has to offer. Begin your day by visiting the famous Hanuman Garhi Mandi, where you can immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance.

Next, make your way to Ram Janmabhoomi, a significant pilgrimage site for Hindus. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Kanak Bhawan and Shri Ram Janam Bhumi Nyas, which are also must-see landmarks in Ayodhya. After a day filled with exploration and spiritual experiences, return to your hotel for a comfortable overnight stay.

Day 4: City Tour – After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the hotel, embark on a full day of sightseeing in the enchanting city of Ayodhya. Begin your exploration by visiting the revered Hari Darshan Bhajan Mandal, where you can immerse yourself in the divine melodies of devotional songs. Next, make your way to the serene Sita Kund, a sacred water body associated with the legendary goddess Sita. Marvel at the grandeur of Raj Sadanm and Ayodhya Raj Sadan, two magnificent structures that showcase the rich architectural heritage of the city.

After a fulfilling day of sightseeing, return to the comfort of your hotel for a delectable dinner and a restful overnight stay. The following day, continue your Ayodhya adventure with a visit to Ram Ki Paidi, a picturesque bathing ghat on the banks of the holy river Sarayu. Take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Tulsi Udyan, a garden dedicated to the revered saint Tulsidas. Pay homage at the Tulasi Smarak Bhavan, a memorial dedicated to the great poet and philosopher.

Explore the serene Naya Ghat and soak in the spiritual ambiance of the Shri Sita Ram Mandir, a temple dedicated to Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. Conclude your day with a visit to the Mani Parvat Temple, a sacred shrine perched atop a hill, offering breathtaking views of the city. As the day comes to an end, return to your hotel for a sumptuous dinner. Finally, we will ensure your smooth departure by dropping you off at the airport, in accordance with the schedule of your return flight.